Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hello Beauties!

        The other day I stumbled across a new website called..... 

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Reviewsio is a website that allows you to test products for free or deeply discounted. Below is a sample from the website.  Selfie stick for free, Silcone matts for $1, men's silicone ring for free (these are hugely popular for men that work in hard conditions, my husband cannot wear his wedding ring to work since it is metal,  I'm hoping we get to test these)  

 What's the catch?  No catch!  No membership fees nothing!  They only ask that you write the seller a review on Amazon for the product you received.  You can pick from kitchen items, beauty, electronics and so much more.  

All you have to do is join via the link (i make no money from this only some points)
Click here to go to Reviewsio

Then you fill out the required information.  You can add your social media accounts, a profile picture and a header image.  You get points for doing so.  After you have finished that part you can click on deals and check out all the free stuff and discounted items waiting for you to test!

You do not have to be an Amazon Prime member to do the reviews.  It is good to have the Prime in case sellers do not offer free shipping.  You can usually get a FREE 30 Day Trial of Prime and cancel . If you do not cancel you will be charged the $99.  I have had that happen and they have always refunded me no issues in case you forget.  They will send a reminder out.  Screenshot of mine below:

Click here for Amazon MOM (free 30 days)

Click here for Amazon Student (6months free)

Click here for Regular Amazon Prime (Free 30 day)

You also earn points during all this and so far you can redeem for amazon gift cards.  More options to added at a later date.

Please keep in mind when doing a review on amazon to let your readers know that you received the item free or at a deeply discounted price in exchange for your thoughts on the item. 

I hope you all enjoy this new website and I hope the site takes off with reviewers!


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